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Contemporary Christian stories about the Donovan family, starting with Promises (how Wes and Terry met) and ending with Peace (about their most troubled son). Click on any book cover image to be taken to the Amazon page for that book (Kindle and paperback editions available unless otherwise stated). If you're interested in purchasing another e-book format, click the "Non-Amazon e-book" link below the description for the desired book.

How Do You Survive When You Rely on No One But Yourself and Someone Wants You Dead?

Police Officer Terry O’Reilly is burned out, trapped by a long-ago promise. Certain God has abandoned her, she walks an emotional tightrope. Now someone wants her dead. She doesn’t know who he is or why he’s threatening her. Unwanted attraction to a man she barely knows isn’t helping matters.

Wes Donovan came to Tucson to do a favor for a friend. Sworn to secrecy about his identity, his purpose and who sent him, he’s left with no choice but to lie to the woman he’s been sent to protect. Then he meets his assignment.

Can she keep him at a distance while still holding it together? Can he break past the walls she hides behind so he can see her smile? Can both of them survive this relationship? Will Terry find the faith she’s lost?

A Novella/Short Novel of Hope, Forgiveness and Restored Faith in God.

Terry is beyond hope. Or so she believes.

Disabled by an injury and dismissed by the medical profession, she has become a burden to her family. Or so she thinks.

Her husband carries responsibilities that once were hers. Her grown sons no longer need her. Her 13-year-old daughter walks in shoes she shouldn't need to. All Terry can do is pray it will finally end, but God doesn't seem to be listening.

Then she receives an unexpected answer to prayer....

For anyone who has read this book and wonders what a "hogsback" triple oxer is, here's an illustration that's really easy to see detail on. I've been asked about that by a reader.

If you enjoyed Promises and Beyond Hope and wonder what became of the children of Wes and Terry Donovan, check out the Donovan Legacy series, stories of faith restored or deepened.

Can a Man Take You Seriously as an Adult When He's Witnessed All of the Awkward Phases of Your Life?

After a serious injury wrecks her plans for a place on the Olympic Equestrian Team, professional rider Missy Donovan marries security consultant Aaron Everett, a man she's known her entire life and loved since her teens. Only one problem - he doesn't love her in return.

Aaron has loved Missy since she was sixteen years old, but she's never expressed interest in him "that way". Despite promptings to tell her the truth, he can't bring himself to tell his wife that he's in love with her. Will she ever see him as more than the "big brother" who happened to grow up next door?

Will they ever find the courage to tell each other the truth?

How Do You Stand Up to Someone Else's Demons When You Can't Face Your Own?

Jordan Bridges finds Chase's concern sweet and more than a little endearing. However, she knows she must discourage his interest for the sake of his reputation. But he’s a tough man to deter.

Park Ranger Chase Donovan is hooked the moment he meets Jordan. How can time spent with the reserved, gentle-natured library assistant possibly be risky? Besides Donovans don't run. Then everything he’s worked for is threatened, and he must find the faith and the courage to face his own demons as well as hers.

Jordan wants nothing more than someone to love her enough to defend her against the lies running rampant in town. Just when she thinks she's found that someone in Chase, everything falls apart.

Can the Lord Repair What Was Broken Years Ago?

Five years ago, cardiologist Anthony Donovan was left confused and angry when Myriah broke their 12-year relationship to pursue what he considers dangerous quackery. Now his medical partner wants her to join their practice. Against his better judgment, Anthony consents, determined to keep his patients away from her. Then he realizes he still carries deep feelings for her.

Naturopath Myriah Nelson just wants to help people, regardless of what Anthony thinks of what she does. Seeing him again stirs up feelings she had thought long gone, but she's been down that dead-end road before. And she carries a dangerous secret that could cost her her life.

Has the Lord given them a second chance at love?

When Tempers Collide, Everyone Loses.

Deputy Dax Donovan has struggled to find peace, in any measure, since a tragic accident in his teens. Weighed down by guilt and the certainty that God failed him, he walks in a constant state of anger. He just wants everyone to leave him alone, but between his family and a nosy paramedic with too much compassion for her own good, he can't find a moment's peace.

Though fighting to control anger issues of her own, paramedic Holly Randall won't take Dax's bad attitude lying down. She's drawn to him even as his bouts of hostility frighten her. Didn't her mother's mistakes teach her anything? After a particularly nasty, and unwarranted, explosion, she determines to avoid him. Then tragedy strikes.

Will they finally embrace the peace God offers in abundance?

The Donovan Legacy Collection is also now available as a Collection in Kindle (click on image below).

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