CONTEMPORARY - Mysterious Ways series

What happens when you throw a challenge at God?

All manner of unexpected things....

Welcome to Mystery, Wyoming. When twin brothers, Travis and Trevor Walker, and their friend, Ben Wright, unwittingly challenge God, none of them anticipate how the Lord will respond, or the ripple effect it will have on those around them.

Can a born and bred city girl really make it in the wilds of Wyoming?

Not if she agrees with her brother, Sean. Photo-journalist Ashley Montgomery decides to prove him (and herself) wrong. Despite his objections, she leaves their home in Phoenix, Arizona for her first solo road-trip - headed for a ranch in northern Wyoming. That's when everything starts to go wrong. And very right.

Rancher Trevor Walker is content with life on the ranch despite occasional clashes with his twin brother, Travis. Yeah, so he gets lonely sometimes, but he trusts the Lord with his future. Then, thanks to a cantankerous bull, Ashley falls right into his arms and proves God really does have a strange sense of humor.

Coming April 20, 2018

Forgiveness -- easy to talk about, hard to give.

Photographer Sean Montgomery has enough difficulty in his life with his kid sister, Ashley, taking off on her own for Wyoming. The last thing he needs is her best friend, his high school sweetheart, back in his life, but he can't avoid her. He's never escaped her entirely because of her friendship with Ashley. His sister's sudden rebellion has him reaching out to Kylie for help, only to have old feelings stirred up.

Pet-sitter Kylie Walsh has spent years trying to put feelings for Sean behind her. Not that it's worked out too well. She's never let him, or the past, stand in the way of her relationship with his sister, but with Ashley out of town, the buffer she's relied on for years is gone. The biggest problem? Sean still avoids taking responsibility for his actions. She's changed. He hasn't, and he still hates her for the mistakes of the past. So, why does he keep turning up on her doorstep?

(Long novel - over 100,000 words)
Coming Fall 2018

MARRYING MR. WRIGHT - Would you say yes to a man you've just met if he asked you to marry him?

Artist Amber Phillips finds herself confronted with that very thing and has no choice but to say yes. She can only hope it doesn't turn out to be a very bad idea. Her parents have a business arrangement more than a marriage. Has she just committed herself to the same kind of loveless marriage? So much for a carefree vacation with friends in Yellowstone....

Horse trainer Ben Wright can't believe what popped out of his mouth. He only meant to ask for a date! Even more staggering is her response. What kind of woman says yes to a proposal from a man she doesn't even know? What's he gotten himself into?

(Short novel - under 60,000 words)
THE PREACHER'S WIFE - What if God called you to the one thing you're least suited to?

Though tying ribbons and bows isn't within the norm for her life, construction worker Carrie Whitaker does what she can to make her best friend's unexpected wedding beautiful. Afterwards, she returns to Chicago to continue helping her father run his construction company. Still, her heart yearns for Wyoming. As if it's not enough that her best friend is there, there's the added complication of a handsome cowboy-preacher to tug at her heart even more. But she's not pastor's wife material. Surely God wouldn't ask that of her.

Pastor Avery Hodges' calling is to shepherd the tiny flock in Mystery, Wyoming. Well, he thought it was. He's no longer certain. He's battled discouragement the past few months. Maybe God's telling him it's time to move on. He has a choice to make. Stay in Mystery, where he believed God wanted him, or candidate for a church in Chicago? Carrie's church. Has God opened the door for both love and a change of scenery?

FROM THE HEAVENS - Would you know love if God dropped it on your head?

Rancher Travis Walker can't believe it actually happened, and he's pretty sure he's not ready. He's tried to ignore the taunts of friends and family that God would rise to the challenge he unwittingly issued, nor had he expected it to hurt so much.

Firefighter Morgan Duncan is certain a concussion has left the cowboy delusional. Poor man. The fact his family finds the whole thing amusing stuns her. Are they crazy? Then she hears stories of sudden proposals and oddly arranged happily-ever-afters. Surely God doesn't really work that way. Right?

MISS WRIGHT'S CASE - What if the ONE thing you don't want is exactly what God sends?

Store owner Macy Wright yearns for nothing more than to meet a special someone, settle down, and have a family. With one stipulation - no cops. Ever. End of discussion.

Deputy Case Andrews wonders what possessed him to take a job in the middle of nowhere Wyoming. Why hasn't he heard anything about the other applications he put in? Then he and Macy clash from the moment he "arrests" her for breaking into her own store. Life in Wyoming suddenly looks much more interesting.

Then the past Macy had escaped resurfaces....

CHASING FREEDOM - What do you do when no one will let you forget the sins of the past?

College student-turned-runaway Tricia Browning finds herself taken in by an older couple who doesn't seem the least bit put off by the mistakes she's made. She's worked hard to straighten out her life and make up for past sins. Her family won't forgive her, and her best friend tries to draw her back into darkness and despair. Betrayal cuts deep. Maybe her family is right....

Ranch hand Jake Cramer is fascinated from the moment he meets the pretty but haunted city girl. Tricia doesn't seem to want to have much to do with him though. Maybe his best behavior will help. Then her presence challenges everything he thinks he knows about God.


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