CONTEMPORARY - Christmas Romances

Welcome to Hamburg, Arizona for a new twist on Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Each novella in the series is available in both e-book and paperback formats, or will be upon release. Click on the cover image to be taken directly to Amazon. When these books are available elsewhere, links will be provided.

The Past Becomes A Gift For Christmas

Rosie Ellison and Peter Reynolds have been friends all of their lives, with never a romantic notion between them. Until a pair of mischievous little Christmas trolls exact an unexpected toll...

Even the Impossible Can Happen at Christmas

Charlotte “Charley” Nolan’s life has fallen apart. Nothing is as it’s supposed to be. To make it worse, she finds herself in the one place she’d rather not be. The tiny town of Hamburg, Arizona. To live with her grandparents, no less. Being told that God turns negatives into positives is the last thing she wants to hear, especially from someone she’s just met. She knows better than to believe in the impossible.

Dillon Masterson considers himself blessed. As Hamburg’s newest year-round resident, and the town’s only police officer, he’s found his niche. There’s only one thing missing, and he’s trusting God to fill that need. Then he meets Charley and wonders, despite her defensive prickliness, if God has answered his prayers.

Christmas is a Time for Fulfilling Promises

In the wake of losing his father, 9-year-old Riley Harrison receives a very unusual promise, though he doesn't recognize it as such at first. Time passes. Life changes in ways he never expected, or thought he wanted. Still, the dream remains. When will God keep His promise?

Paige Gallagher is seventeen the first time it happens, and she's baffled. Does God really answer prayers in such a strange fashion? What does it mean?

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