I've long had a fascination with werewolves. One day, ideas started churning for stories I wanted to write, using werewolves as the main characters. If you like these creatures as much as I do and enjoy stories that give old myths and legends new twists, check out these Christian Paranormal Fantasy/Romance stories.

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How Do You Cope When Your Eyes Are Opened to the Reality of Monsters, and You've Become One of Them?

Tanya Sikes never dreamed that monsters could be real, until she's kidnapped and changed into one. She fears the thing she has become, even as she desires surrender. Danger comes from every direction, including inside.

Follow Tanya's ups and downs in this collection of thirteen short stories.

9 of the 13 are available individually for Kindle (click on the title to be taken to the Amazon page for that book):

WOLF: Turned - College student Tanya Sikes never believed in monsters. Though life has thrown her some difficult personal curve balls on occasion, she’s lived a sheltered life as far as the evil in the world at large. Nothing could’ve prepared her for being kidnapped or to meet the man who would rescue her from captivity too late to keep her from becoming one of the monsters. Why has God forsaken her?

WOLF: Family - Tanya Sikes desires justice for the women who’ve died and closure for their frightened families. She’s still uncertain why God let her survive. Her family grieves, wondering what has become of her. She wants to reassure them, but how can she face them, knowing what she’s become? What will she tell them? Will they abandon her when they find out the truth?

WOLF: Dark Moon - Rejected by frightened parents, Tanya has turned to the wolf and the forest for solace. A beast belongs in the woods, after all. Colin won’t leave her alone though, hovering close to watch over her. Further support comes from unexpected allies....

WOLF: Mate - Just when Tanya believes she's found safety and acceptance in a pack, fights break out all around her, and her well-being is threatened.

WOLF: Rescue - More women missing, this time a child taken, too. Tanya must face what's been done to her. Even if the pack can find them, does she have the knowledge to help them survive? Will she crumble when she comes face-to-face with a man straight out of her nightmares?

WOLF: Super Moon - Life should've settled down by now. At least, Tanya thinks so. The enemy no longer lingers on the periphery. If only she was truly free of him. Still dominated in her thoughts and emotions, she wants only to be free of him and free to love Colin as he deserves. The coming full moon brings a promise - to either repair damage wrought or complete the destruction.

WOLF: Invader - There's a new wolf in town, and she has a rather sizable chip on her shoulder. Tanya doesn't let that deter her from issuing a warning though. The she-wolf brings a new possible threat, even as another arises on the Preserve.

WOLF: Acceptance - Tanya continues to grieve for what she's lost, and it's creating difficulty in accepting what she's become. A new threat, with a cage, requires a choice - embrace what she is and give herself a chance to survive, or turn aside from it and suffer a fate worse than death.

WOLF: Thanksgiving Moon - The November full moon brings a time of great change, and something unexpected.

Three couples dreaming of children. Three very different roads.

Graham and Donna Caldwell, Colin and Tanya Campbell, and Brett and Kelly Mitchell are werewolves. All three couples long for children, something their species often has difficulty accomplishing for reasons no seems to understand. 

Shattered Hope - Graham and Donna desire a child. Just when hope takes root, tragedy strikes, putting Donna's life in jeopardy.

New Life - Despite the hurdles they may face, Tanya and Colin want a child, but joy leads to doubt and fear.

Precious Gifts - There's nothing Kelly wants more than to have a child with Brett, but she knows the odds. When her worst fear comes to fruition, she doesn't know how Brett will react.

Also published as individual short stories for Kindle.

One Man’s Journey from Soldier to Leader

Ian Campbell was a normal man, the son of farmers, a Union soldier who survived the American Civil War, mostly unscathed. On the way home after the war, a horrific attack leaves him on the edge of death, hoping for an end to suffering. Death ignores his cries, and he's left changed into a creature he'd never known existed.

This series of 8 Christian Urban Fantasy short stories follows Ian's rise from soldier-turned-lone-wolf to friend, husband, father, and leader. They are available as a collection or individually for Kindle.

1865 - Turning - Union soldier Ian Campbell has survived the War Between the States with all of his limbs intact. The future lies ahead, and he has no idea what God wants from him next. He’s had enough war, but he’ll no longer be content farming. Then thoughts of the future are derailed by an attack that leaves him dying.

1895 - Purpose - For thirty years, werewolf Ian Campbell has lived primarily in isolation without a sense of purpose or direction. The wolf has grown restless, desiring companionship, so he decides to visit Tucson, Arizona for a few days.

1917 - Friendship - Lone wolf Ian Campbell has enlisted in the Army to help fight the Germans. He’s not sure how he’ll get through Army training, much less a military career, while hiding what he is, but a clear enemy makes it worth the effort. He’ll figure out the rest as it comes. Friendship is the last thing he expects to find.

1945 - First Love - Despite the odds and chaos of World War II, werewolf Ian Campbell has found love and, for the first time since being Turned, looks toward a brighter future. Then tragedy strikes, the wolf breaks free, and the price on both sides is steep.

1980 - Pack - In an attempt to escape the effects of the dark moon, Ian Campbell and his friend Brett Mitchell seek out the sanctuary offered by mountains beyond the trek of human feet. A young female werewolf is the last thing they expect to find, and she’s a brash little thing with far too much courage.

1984 - Mate - Ian Campbell isn’t a good man. Just ask him. He’ll tell you so. Which makes the interest of Alison Dolan, the pack alpha’s too-bold daughter, all the more perplexing. Doesn’t she realize she’d be better of with someone else? Someone younger without such a dark past? Ian pushes her away, but she keeps coming back.

1984-88 Birth - Children shouldn’t be a source of grief. At least, that’s what Ian Campbell thinks when he and his mate get pregnant. Things don’t work out as hoped and planned. Will he lose the woman he loves?

1990 - Becoming - Life isn’t fair. Werewolf Ian Campbell has become more certain of that as the years have passed. There’s too much death. Too much loss. And still more comes, leaving him with one choice—do what must be done and become pack alpha, or walk away and let the pack and humanity suffer for it.

This paranormal romance novelette is for those who have read Baby Makes Three and were introduced to Jeremy, the pack physician.

He Can Only Bring Her Pain

Dr. Jeremy Richardson decided years ago that being a werewolf wasn't conducive to marriage, especially to a human. That was before far-too-human nurse Annie Galloway appeared in his office. His unexpected and instant attraction to her has him rethinking the single life, despite sense and reason, but he must stand firm. She's better off without him, and he can continue to guard the secret that keeps him and others safe.

After a life-threatening accident, Annie discovers the truth of who, and what, Jeremy is. To complicate matters further, an old acquaintance brings a threat he never saw coming.

Two Hard Heads. Two Vulnerable Hearts.

Ian Campbell has already lost two women he loved and isn't prepared to put his heart at risk again. Besides, his life is complicated enough without adding a mate to the mix. As the alpha of a werewolf pack, his first responsibility is to those he leads and protects, a job he takes very seriously.

Executive Chef Sophia Ferguson came seeking answers to questions left in the wake of an attack she barely survived four years ago. She didn't expect sparks to fly with the local alpha. Over the use of a kitchen, no less. The last thing she wants is a domineering, territorial male telling her what to do. She'll get the information she needs and leave. End of problem.

Then an unexpected arrival throws a wrench into an already stressful situation, bringing a threat neither of them anticipated.

This short story immediately follows the events in Pack of Trouble and coincides with the events in Protective Instincts.

Michael Phillips was held prisoner by a werewolf alpha who encouraged his pack to abuse the new Turn. Now he’s living in a cage in another alpha’s basement. Not because Ian Campbell ordered it. Fear holds him there. A prison of his own making.

This short story immediately follows the events in Pack of Trouble and coincides with events in Protective Instincts.

Pack alphas Ian and Sophia Campbell have been married less than a month, and already the responsibilities of leadership are distracting him from her. She's trying not to resent it but knows something has to give. Now he has no choice.

One Man's Search for Redemption

Brett Mitchell joined the militia late in 1812, intent on protecting home and family from invaders, knowing the risks: death in battle and infection from wounds. He didn't count on another threat that came to American shores with the enemy. Something worse than guns, rockets, cannons, and mortars. Something out of his worst childhood nightmares, and even God appears to have abandoned him at his time of greatest need.

This series of short stories follows Brett's journey through fear, abandonment, and rage to acceptance, purpose, and renewed faith.

Beginning: September, 1814 - Brett Mitchell had no idea what he was getting into when he joined the Pennsylvania Militia to fight off British invaders who threatened to strip away America’s hard-won independence from England. The most dangerous enemy wasn't quite as he imagined....

Forsaken: October, 1814 - Though his best friend has accepted what he’s become, Brett returns home to Pennsylvania to face his family.

Hunter, Hunted: December, 1814 - Having followed British troops to New Orleans, Brett and Caddoc hunt for murdering beasts hiding among and killing innocents, only to have the tables turned.

Lone Wolf: February, 1815 - While delivering news of the death of a woman he’d come to consider a friend, Brett is waylaid in a place his best friend disapproves of. After an argument that sends Caddoc away, Brett begins having nightmares.

Failure: March, 1815 - Brett’s already lost everything and everyone he’s ever cared about, except for his best friend. As he and Caddoc hunt down another rogue wolf, life takes an ugly turn.

Troubled Moons: 1820 - Having settled in amongst the Cherokee Indians, Brett struggles to deal with the effects of both full and new moons, especially the darkness of the latter. His Cherokee friend, Inali, finds a solution.

Removal: 1838 - The U.S. president has decided that the Indians are to be rounded up and driven from their lands west to new territory. Brett stays with his Cherokee friends, angry over such treatment of America’s allies. Summer brings heat, drought, and death.

Forced March: 1838 - Brett remains with his Cherokee friends as they make the journey westward to the new home forced upon them by a government he once had faith in. Both an ally and an enemy are among the ranks.

Return to Charleston: 1861 - War has broken out between the North and the South, and Brett puts himself right in the middle of the conflict. Only to have his past come back to haunt him....

Peshtigo: 1871 - Can wolves be friends? The man Brett meets in Chicago seems to think so. Brett’s hopeful but.... The search for work takes them to Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Right before disaster strikes and an innocent woman is put directly in the line of fire.

Lost: 1871 - Haunted by the events in Peshtigo, Brett seeks refuge in a new town with no idea of where to go next.

Rapport: 1917 - After reaching Camp Greene in the hopes of making his way to German to join the war effort, Brett meets another werewolf who seems included to be friends. He's heard that before. Could it actually be true this time though?

Turn About: 1943 - Brett thought he was keeping his activities a secret from Ian, until they find themselves in Germany during WWII and a spy among the German resistance brings secrets to light.

Dresden:1944-45 - Just when Brett is convinced Ian might be right about God, a woman crosses their path that his friend can’t say no to....

Pack: 1980 - Despite Brett’s admitted reservations, Ian commits them to a pack for the first time.

Redemption: 1984 - After Ian gets married, Brett distances himself from the pack, and the nightmares return.... (includes the short-short story Unshakable Friendship: 2018)

This book contains spoilers for Pack of Trouble, so make sure you've already read Pack of Trouble.

When a life hangs in the balance, some risks are worth taking.

As the Campbell Preserve werewolf pack's lowest ranking member, Private Investigator Max Johnson always plays by the rules. Well, pack rules anyway. Until he meets FBI Agent Keesha Muller. The werewolf he keeps well-hidden from humans wants her, but Max knows that's impossible. She works for the government. If she found out what he was, she'd probably shoot him. Or worse. He just has to convince the wolf.

Keesha isn't entirely sure what to make of the PI she meets at Campbell Wildlife Preserve while investigating a missing person case. On the surface, he's goofy with a touch of arrogance, in an endearing sort of way. There are also hints of a kind heart. Still, she can't escape the feeling that he isn't what he seems.

Then a wolf saves her life....

Short novel sequel to Protective Instincts

Just when things should be easiest, they get harder....

Campbell Preserve werewolf Max Johnson thought things would be easier after FBI agent Keesha Muller agreed to marry him, but it hasn't worked out that way. She doesn't seem ready to commit, and the uncertainty is taking a heavy toll and leaving him with a tough choice.

Keesha faces difficult decisions of her own. Finding courage isn't easy. Will she find it before it's too late?

Novelette-length back-story for Max Johnson, the main character in Protective Instincts and Tough Choices.

Even as Death Draws Near, Hope Rebounds

Though he'd known the risks when he joined the Marines to fight in Korea, Lance Corporal Max Johnson had never expected his life to end so soon. He certainly hadn't thought the end would come in enemy hands and a dark hole. Injured, half-frozen, and feverish with infection, he finds himself rescued by a familiar ally who makes him a very unusual offer....

A Missing Child,
Unexpected Complications,
and a Father Behaving Suspiciously.

Private Investigator Max Johnson is contacted by the parents of a girl who has disappeared without a trace. Routine missing person case, or so he believes at first. It doesn't take long for him to realize there's more going on than the couple knows, or admits, and he's even more driven to find the promising young artist.

To complicate matters, Max is struggling in a way he can't begin to define or explain to himself, much less to his new wife, but he fears she might be the cause.

This short story takes place after the novella MISSING. Just a tidbit to show how Chelsea and her mother, Sandy, are integrating into the pack.

A Child with Much to Learn

As twelve-year-old Chelsea settles into the Campbell Wildlife Preserve werewolf pack, she has much to learn. Some lessons are harsher than others, for both daughter and mother.