Favorite Reference Books & Websites

For those who might be interested in straight-to-the-point materials that teach various aspects of writing or just some good overall reference books for writers, I thought I'd share a list of my favorites.  I'll add to this page as new books and websites come to my attention and hit my "favorites" list.

  • The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide To Character Expression, by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi - I can't possibly say enough good about this book. It's an invaluable resource for writers, and I recommend every writer have it in their library. SO worth the cost (which is definitely reasonable).
  • Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View, by Jill Elizabeth Nelson - Straight to the point with loads of examples. No beating around the bush or vague teaching here! This book also includes writing exercises to help cement what you're learning.
  • Punctuation for Writers, by Harvey Stanbrough - The book you'll wish your grammar school English teachers would've used. (I sure do!) Harvey's approach to punctuation is so logical, practical, and straightforward as to actually be helpful. I highly recommend this book!
  • 45 Master Characters , by Victoria Lynn Schmidt - An aide for creating original characters. It's a great jumping off point for creating believable characters. Gets right to the point without the author rambling for pages and pages. Provides great examples.
  • HowDunit - The Book of Poisons , by Serita Stevens & Anne Bannon - Covers a huge array of chemicals, drugs and such. What info it doesn't include, the book has wide margins so you can add notes of your own to flesh out the info that is provided.
All of the above are available at a variety of online book stores as well as in some stores.

  • Story Sensei, by Camy Tang - I have found her materials on Deep POV and synopsis writing to be absolutely invaluable. They are easy to read and understand with lots of clear examples. Her materials are well-worth the price!
  • Deep POV blog post, by Elizabeth Pelletier on the Colorado Romance Writers blog - A fabulous article that includes explanation of DPOV as well as plenty of examples.
  • The Passive Guy - Excellent resource for all things publishing and writing.
  • Dean Wesley Smith - Another great resource, especially for indie authors
And just for fun, here's one of my favorite blogs to follow.  Eddie never fails to make me laugh with stories about his childhood misadventures.  He's got a great gardening blog, too!