Below are my published fiction books. I will add to the list as more books are available so that this page will have a complete listing.

Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Wes Donovan & Terry O'Reilly (1976)
Published February 2013

Beyond Hope 
Contemporary Women's Fiction
Wes & Terry Donovan (1997)
Published July 2012


The Donovan Legacy series, following the lives and loves of Wes and Terry's four children.

Contemporary Romance with a Suspense Twist

Truth - Missy Donovan & Aaron Everett (2003-2004) - Published June 2013
Defender - Chase Donovan & Jordan Bridges (2004) - Published April 2014
Healer - Anthony Donovan & Myriah Nelson (2009) - Coming in Winter 2014/2015
Peace - Dax Donovan & Holly Randall (2011) - Coming in 2015

In God's Time
Tara Whitman & Jack Carlton (2003)
Winner of the Contemporary Romance and Grand Prize in the 2011 Writers On the Storm Category Five Writing Contest.

    Tara Whitman has a big problem. She's in love with her best friend, and it's getting harder to hide it from him. She fears the truth will destroy a friendship she holds dear, even as she battles jealousy toward the string of leggy blondes that parade through Jack’s life.
    Jack Carlton spends his free time at one social event or another with the latest woman he dates to protect a huge secret he’s keeping from Tara - he’s in love with her, has been for years. Haunted by the memory of a kiss shared in their teens, he doesn’t want to endanger their friendship. Yet the thought of her kissing someone else drives him to distraction if he lets himself dwell on it.

Chapter 1 is available online.

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