Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Book 4 of the Mysterious Ways series has released! For those of you who read Marrying Mr. Wright, you met Carrie and Avery already. Most of their story happened behind the scenes, but they wanted their story told. Well, here it is!

Click on the cover above to be taken directly to the Amazon sales page for the Kindle ebook. If you prefer paperback, it can be found at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1691723657 (Amazon hasn't yet linked the two editions, but hopefully that will be rectified soon!)

What if God called you to the one job you're least suited to?

Though tying ribbons and bows isn't within the norm for her life, construction worker Carrie Whitaker does what she can to make her best friend's unexpected wedding beautiful. Afterwards, she returns to Chicago to continue helping her father run his construction company. Still, her heart yearns for Wyoming. As if it's not enough that her best friend is there, there's the added complication of a handsome cowboy-preacher to tug at her heart even more. But she's not pastor's wife material.

Pastor Avery Hodges' calling is to shepherd the tiny flock in Mystery, Wyoming. Well... he thought it was. Having battled discouragement the past few months, he's no longer certain. Maybe God's telling him it's time to move on. He has a choice to make. Stay in Mystery, where he believed God wanted him, or candidate for a church in Chicago? Carrie's church. Has God opened the door for both love and a change of scenery?

Watch in January, 2020, for the release of Torn a short story sequel to Avery and Carrie's story, as well as later in 2020 for the release of From The Heavens, book 5 of the Mysterious Ways series.