Saturday, April 12, 2014

He Never Ceases to Amaze Me

The Lord never ceases to amaze me. I try to make it a habit to ask His input about things before I proceed, since I know He's far wiser than I am and He has the added advantage of knowing what the future holds.

I get a lot of emails and such about ways to promote books. To be quite honest, I end up hitting delete on a lot of them. There's just no way feasible I can do even half of them, much less all of them. Not enough time or money. Every now and then, one pops out at me and I know it's one I'm supposed to do.

I had one of those come up recently. Then the question became, so what book do I use for this? I took it to prayer and waited. And waited. A few days after this prayer started, I got the answer. Not the one I expected.

I've noticed God has this tendency to select invisible (to me) door number three when I ask if I should take door #1 or door #2. Door #3 generally means a lot more work, oddly enough. Hm. In this case, my response was "Are you nuts? Do you have any idea how much work it'll be to get that done in that short amount of time?" Well, duh, yeah, He knows. LOL

Once the shock passed, I buckled down and worked my tail off to get things pulled together. I'm a big fan of the "Why?" question. I can drive teachers as crazy as a small child does their parents, because until that question is answered to my satisfaction, I keep asking it. Thankfully, God has more patience than any person who ever existed, and He knows how I am. In this case, I asked "Why?" and He answered. And the answer made perfect sense, and I never would've thought of it. See what I mean about Him being wiser than me?

Anyway, as a result of this big push, my award-winning novel, In God's Time, is now available. Chapter 1 is posted in the NOTES section of my FB Author page. The book can be purchased at any of the following:

Standard print paperback edition - CreateSpace and Amazon. 
Large print paperback edition - CreateSpace and Amazon. 
For Nook - Barnes & Noble 
For Kindle - Amazon