Monday, August 17, 2015

Pack of Trouble is OUT!

The latest story in the ongoing saga of the Campbell Wildlife Preserve werewolf pack is now available in paperback and in e-book for Kindle.

These books aren't a true series, but they follow a timeline. Thus, the events in this book follow the events that occur in Wolf, Alpha, and Lethal Attraction, as well as most of the events in the Baby Makes Three short story collection. See the Urban Fantasy page for more on those.

Two Hard Heads. Two Vulnerable Hearts.
Ian Campbell has already lost two women he loved and isn't prepared to put his heart at risk again. Besides, his life is complicated enough without adding a mate to the mix. As the alpha of a werewolf pack, his first responsibility is to those he leads and protects, a job he takes very seriously.
Executive Chef Sophia Ferguson came seeking answers to questions left in the wake of an attack she barely survived four years ago. She didn't expect sparks to fly with the local alpha. Over the use of a kitchen, no less. The last thing she wants is a domineering, territorial male telling her what to do. She'll get the information she needs and leave. End of problem.
Then an unexpected arrival throws a wrench into an already stressful situation, bringing a threat neither of them anticipated.