Thursday, January 1, 2015

Looking Back at 2014

What a year it was, too. I not only published my first fantasy novel, I wrote and published my first short story series, in a new genre no less (urban fantasy). That in addition to continuing work on my contemporary novels. It was a year of growth, learning, and stretching, some of which shoved me right out of my comfort zone. Thankfully, I've adapted and work goes on.

Early in 2014, I posted my goals for the year. So, how did I do on meeting them?

Writing goal for 2014 - 300,000 words - met and surpassed.

435,107 words of fiction
  47,662 words of non-fiction
482,769 total words written in 2014

Incomplete Projects completion goal - finish 3 long novels that had been started before January 1, 2014 but not completed in 2013 - BUST!

I only finished one incomplete novel. I was initially annoyed with myself over this one, but then I realized I had written a non-fiction project, a contemporary short novel, 2 short story collections (13 stories and 3 stories respectively), and 1 novelette from start-to-finish during 2014. That in addition to completing the previously unfinished novel and making additions to others. Not shabby at all!

Publishing goal for 2014 - 3 novels (2 contemporary, 1 fantasy) - met and surpassed.

Published: 1 non-fiction book, 2 contemporary long novels, 1 fantasy long novel, & 1 collection of urban fantasy short stories (individually AND as a collection)

I had also decided I was going to surpass my previous daily word count accomplishment of 9,081 words written on 12/22/2013. I aimed for 10K in one day. I hit it and shot right past it to reach 11,158 words written on July 28, 2014, then I beat THAT one with 11,492 reached on August 17, 2014. I’m not sure I’ll be able to top that in 2015, but I’d sure like to try.

I also created 22 book covers (front, back, & spine on each), 12 separate e-book covers, and 88 memes for my various projects.

Busy year.


2014 is now behind us, and 2015 looms ahead. That means time to set goals for 2015.

Writing - 500,000 words of fiction (not to include whatever I write on a non-fiction book I need to finish)

Incomplete Projects - finish 3 long novels that are currently incomplete

Publishing - 7 books - 2 contemporary long novels, 2 fantasy novels (1 long, 1 short), & 2 collections of short stories minimum. The spare can be any genre or length (as long as it's a collection and not a single short story).