Saturday, June 14, 2014

Memes and More Memes - Part 6

Over the past few weeks, I've shared memes I've created for various books that are already published. My latest addition is Curse of the Talmara, an introduction to the World of Ultrana, published last weekend.

When death comes calling, choices must be made, and lives are forever changed. 

A life-threatening curse has fallen. Alaina leaves the only home she's ever known, led by visions to a man she hopes holds the cure. One problem. He hates her kind. If he has answers, he has no reason to share them. Can she change his mind about her before either the curse or the evil they chase ends her life? Or will he have no choice but to kill her before she destroys those he cares about?

They need a seer. Bounty hunter Jarn may have to accept that, but he most certainly doesn't have to like it. Seers can't be trusted. This one is also Doro'esch, like him. He's spent two decades running from his heritage and wants nothing to do with his people. A fact she doesn't respect. To make matters worse, provocative dreams feed an unwanted attraction.

Evil looms ever closer, and death lurks in the darkness.

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If you missed previous meme posts, you can find them by selecting "memes" in the subject list. Watch for more memes in future posts!

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