Saturday, November 8, 2014

Memes and More Memes - Part 7a

Part 7 was originally intended to be about my newest Contemporary Christian Romance that's coming out this winter, but I had something new come up that's releasing before that.  So Healer will be here for Part 8.  For now, it's Wolf, my new short story serial. #1 and #2 released on October 30th and November 5th, respectively. More releases are planned each week until the last one is scheduled for December 24th. Until the series is complete, these short stories are available in Kindle only. Upon completion of the series, they will be compiled into a paperback version.

Since Wolf is a series of short stories, each a story in its own right but together telling a more broad story, I'll break the memes into sections - each short story in the series will have a meme post of its own. Thus this one is 7a - Wolf: Turned.

Wolf: Turned (released October 29, 2014)

College student Tanya Sikes never believed in monsters. Though life has thrown her some difficult personal curve balls on occasion, she’s lived a sheltered life as far as the evil in the world at large. Nothing could’ve prepared her for being kidnapped or to meet the man who would rescue her from captivity too late to keep her from becoming one of the monsters.

Why has God forsaken her?

To purchase for Kindle, click here.

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