Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Memes and More Memes - Part 7f

Continuing on, this post is about the sixth book in the Wolf short story serial. Wolf: Super Moon releases tomorrow, Wednesday, December 3rd. Three more stories are scheduled for each week until the last one goes live on December 24th. Until the series is complete, these short stories are available in Kindle only. Upon completion of the series, they will be compiled into a paperback version (the complete collection will be available in e-book format, too, but probably not until after the first of the year).

WOLF: Super Moon (December 3, 2014)

Life should've settled down by now. At least, Tanya thinks so. The enemy no longer lingers on the periphery. If only she was truly free of him. Still dominated in her thoughts and emotions, she wants only to be free of him and free to love Colin as he deserves. The coming full moon brings a promise - to either repair damage wrought or complete the destruction.

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